Booking Information

If your are interested in booking John, please:
Contact us at Info@aHart2Teach.com for more information!

What type of events does John speak for?

John speaks for a variety of events and organizations.  He has spoken to churches for their weekly services, prison ministries, or as a keynote speaker.  He'll be glad to speak at revivals, associational banquets, fundraisers, and other ministry events.  His ideal group is adults from young to retirement age who are looking for fresh insight and inspiration.  Almost any event that requires a speaker to communicate with an audience John can help!

Does John have a fee for his speaking engagements or does he come for a love offering?

Due to the demands upon John’s schedule, he has a honorarium/fee that he normally receives when he speaks for an event whether it is in a church environment or another type of event.  Although he would like to be able to come for a love offering only, this would make it very difficult to plan his schedule, meet his own financial needs and still find time for his family.  John tries to stay flexible whenever he can, and our office will be happy to discuss his fee with you, and work with you in regards to your specific event.

If John speaks more than one time how is the honorarium/fee prorated?

We take into consideration the number of times that John will be speaking and adjust the honorarium accordingly.  Since you don't have additional travel expense it is always more beneficial to you to have John speak more than once.  You get "more for your money!"

Do we pay the entire honorarium in advance or wait until the event?

Normally, we do not require an advance payment for church related events.  Once you book an event a contract and invoice will be sent to the church.  Please sign and return the contract, and keep the invoice for your records.

What about John ’s travel expenses?

John’s travel expenses are separate from his honorarium/fee since it's based on distance and time required to travel.  It will be listed on your invoice once booking is finalized.  John has two modes of travel that he utilizes.  He will drive if possible and will charge the same mileage rate as listed by the IRS for mileage reimbursement, or he will come by plane and charge for the least expensive ticket our office can obtain for him.  His schedule before and after your event may dictate which mode of travel he needs to use.  The expenses will normally include either airfare or mileage, meals, rental car (if applicable) and lodging. We will arrange for travel, hotel and a meal expense and they will be listed in the invoice to be paid when John is at the event.  We will not bring you a stack of receipts and ask for an additional check to cover them, the invoice sent at booking will be the only amount you are expected to pay.

When will we be informed about John's travel arrangements?

Normally we try to let the sponsoring organization know the travel expenses and arrangements approximately two weeks before John arrives. Due to the fact that schedules change so frequently, we normally do not make airline reservations prior to 21 days before the event.

Does John’s wife travel with him?

Normally, Mrs. Hart does not travel with him on a regular basis.  Due to the fact that they still have children in school and college, she chooses to be a stay at home mom.  If she does come to an event, but not as a speaker, we will inform you of this at the time travel arrangements are confirmed and we will cover any additional cost that may result.

We are always glad to answer any questions that you may have, and we would love to visit with you concerning the possibility of John helping you with your event.  We are here to help you, and we want you to have a pleasant experience.

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