Life Lessons

Our nation is experiencing difficult times like never before.  In times past churches filled up during troubled times like these, but now we are seeing a new dynamic develop.  Christians and non-Christians alike are living in fear and uncertainty but are unwilling to turn to the church for answers.  Church attendance is declining as people struggle to understand its relevance or ability to make a substantial difference in their lives.

My calling is twofold. 

- To teach relevant Bible lessons that help my readers or listeners understand their need for a relationship with God, and how to walk in that truth. 

- To help Pastors, Teachers and Church Leaders to be more effective in their role as spiritual leaders, working together towards meaningful ministry.

Life Lessons & Bible Study Favorites


- Meaningful Prayer
- God is not a Vending Machine
- Called to be Salt
- The Cross or the Country Club
- A Church After God's Own Heart
- We are the Lights to the World
- Redefining Church to a Skeptical World
- Facing Fear & Living in Victory
- A Trophy Case for God
- Don't Jump Out of His Hands
- Holiness, Yes, You can be Holy
- Trusting God When Life Doesn't Make Sense
- It's Time To Get Off The Bleachers
- Tithing Our Time
- Love, It's More than an Emotion
- When Good Things Are Bad For You
- Conviction vs. Condemnation
- Why Do We Bother To Pray?
- 211 Degrees
- When Bad Things Happen To Good People
- What Did I Do To Deserve This?
Development Studies for Church Leadership  
- Church Leadership Effectiveness
- A Call to Relevance
- Church Marketing 101
- You're Already Preaching, Now Start Communicating
- If I Treated My Customers Like You Treat Your Congregation...

Additional Outreach Ideas

- Associational Meetings
- Christian Business Lunches
- Sport bike Racing Coach
- Street bike instruction for local rallies
- Outreach to Bikers
- Volleyball Clinics & Coaching